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The Confederate Flag and Online Buying Tips by Ultimate Flags

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A highly controversial symbol of the American South is known as the Confederate flag, with its 13-star saltire in the colors red, white and blue. It was used during the American Civil War (from 1861-65) as a statement against slavery. Seven southern states rebelled against the anti-slavery legislation of President Abraham Lincoln’s and wanted to separate from the United States.

The North Virginian army was first to adopt the Confederate flag as a battle flag. While the Confederate States of America (CSA), also known as the Confederacy, never adopted it officially, it did become a familiar symbol of the American South.

Notwithstanding the CSA, the Confederate flag at, which also goes by other names like the Dixie flag, the Southern Cross, etc. This continued into the Second World War in 1939 to 1945. From 1950 to 1960, when the civil rights movement took off, the flag stood for separation and was used by the white supremacist group known as the Ku Klux Klan.

The Controversy Behind

For those who believe in it, the flag represents ancestry and heritage, and is a revered southern cultural tradition that is distinct from that of the rest of the United States. The flag is to them a sign of the distinctness of each and every state and of their resistance to what is to them the dictatorial clout of the federal government. For more insights regarding flags, visit

Right now, Confederate flags are not openly sold, but on the Internet are many merchants that have sustained their supplies. If you’re planning to buy a Confederate flag on the Internet, make sure you pick a reputable website. Here are things that indicate that a website is trustworthy:Below are things you should consider when checking if a site is safe or not:The following are tips to help you distinguish between a good site and a not-so-safe one: You should see “https” instead of just “http” on your browser’s address bar. With the “s,” you can be assured that your personal information, such as your name, address, credit card number, etc.

They should have a published website policy .

A website’s privacy policy should include the site’s data collection, use, and protection methods.


Though this information cannot directly protect you, it will offer you peace of mind, knowing that you can call a number when you need their help. 4.Double-check their trust seal.

Finally, if you see a kind of icon besides “Verified” or “Secure,” that is most likely a trust seal, which simply means that the website works with a security partner.

Yes, the web is as always reliable when buying Confederate flags at, but be very careful which website you choose.


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